Kingdom of Shadows: an update

The End.

I finally got to type those words, at long last. I can’t even begin to describe the swirl of emotions that are crashing around in my head and heart right now. I laughed, I cried, at times I was physically nauseated by the twists the story was taking… but I did it.

I wrote it. Draft 1.0 is complete, in all of its raw, beautiful glory.

Now, it gets to sit and breathe in a dark drawer for at least a week before I read through it and make some general notes. From there, the editing process begins, and who knows exactly how long that will take… but we are one giant step closer to being done and I am beyond excited.

For me, the first draft is the longest, most arduous part of the process. Now that it’s behind me, I feel like I’m flying (or at the very least rolling downhill in a wagon) toward my goal. I enjoy the editing process, both self-edits and hearing back from my editor and Beta Team. So these next steps are going to be a blast, and hopefully things move right along.

To everyone who has supported me and cheered me on as I’ve been on this journey, I give you my undying gratitude. Your encouragement has truly made a world of difference to me. So thanks for that.

K. M. Reynolds

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