This is Four


Four is here, and I am
by how incredible you are.

Four looks like
long strawberry blonde hair blowing in the wind
tanned legs running and jumping and climbing
little hands exploring the world around you
a contagious smile twinkling in your bright green eyes.
Four looks good on you.

Four sounds like
screams of delight as you play with your brother
sleepy whispers in the morning before the sun rises
your favorite songs, sung at every possible volume
a million questions about how and why the world works.
Four brings the sweetest sounds.

Four feels like
a sweet kiss on my cheek just because
sleepy snuggles as the evening draws to a close
piggy-back rides in the park on a warm day
tears on my fingers as I brush them from your cheeks

Four is
Four is everything you are.

This is Four, and you are beautiful.

-To my daughter Caroline, on her Fourth Birthday


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