This year, my cup runneth over with gratefulness. 2018 has held some heartbreak, but an overwhelming amount of good has blossomed in my life this year.

I published a book.
I’ve had a number of short stories and poems traditionally published.
I left a toxic work environment that dragged me down financially and emotionally.
I left behind toxic people who were master manipulators in my life (re: my old job).
I got a wonderful new job that pays my bills AND brings me joy.
I’ve made some incredible new friends.
I’ve gotten closer with my parents, which is nice.
I spread my wings and tried so many new things.
I found my bio family, and was able to get closure on a lot of childhood questions and trauma.
With the bio family discovery has come some wonderful new relationships (my Grandmother and a younger brother), with hopefully more to come in the future.
I’ve taken the time to prioritize self-care and my own hobbies, and I’m reaping the rewards daily.

As I close out this day, my heart is so full, and I can’t wait to see what’s up ahead.

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