The Daddy Issue

I am a lucky girl; I have two dads
And both hold a place in my heart
One made me
One raised me
Both love me.

“You look like your dad!”
“You’re just like your dad!”
“I see so much of your father in you.”
It was true then,
It’s true now times two

I got my results back,
And what a huge shock,
My Adoption paperwork
Was wrong about my health
And ancestral history. Great.

My whole life I was told
“You are Irish and Egyptian”
But DNA doesn’t lie—I have
ZERO DNA that is Middle Eastern
So what was the truth?

I searched with some friends
And we narrowed it down
To two brothers who lived
In my Birth Mother’s town
At just the right time

“Hi, I think one of your brothers
Could be my birth father…
Do you recognize my mother?”
I expected rejection, denial, or blame.
What I received was none of the same.

I was met with excitement,
With joy, and with love.
They all jumped to test for me,
Eager to find out the truth
Of my Paternity.

The DNA unlocked the secrets
My birth mother had tried to bury
And in doing so, she had treated
My birth father unfairly
He never knew I existed.

His whole family is wonderful
I’ve been welcomed so warmly
I’m eternally thankful to
Call them my family
After a decade of searching

My heart has found home
In this warm, friendly family
I can now call my own
They love me already
And I love them, too

This side of my story
Has a beautiful ending
Though really, this journey
Is only beginning
And I can’t wait to see
What’s in store for me

I’m the luckiest girl; I have two dads
Both hold a key place in my heart.
One made me.
One raised me.
Both love me.

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