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I’ve been editing, proofreading, and designing branded content for friends and coworkers since 2010. This work complimented my writing, and it came naturally to me from the start. In 2016, I began to take the work more seriously and began to charge for my services, due to the years of experience and my continued education in Literature and English. In 2018, Blue Sparrow was born as an editing and design service, working primarily with authors and small businesses.

At this time, I am offering copy & content editing & proofreading services, as well as web copy creation for small businesses. Custom design work and branding consultations are available upon request, in a limited capacity each month. 

To inquire about services, please fill out the contact form below. Scroll down for Pricing Information.





Proofreading is the act of reading your manuscript and finding grammatical and typographical errors. Notations are done in Word Track Changes, and the edited file is returned to you via email.
Current turnaround time is 12 hours per 1,500 words.


Content Editing

Content Editing is sometimes called developmental editing or substantive editing. As the name implies, this type of editing involves checking the content. This means I will be combing your manuscript for plot holes, character inconsistencies, contradictions, and other content-related discrepancies.  I’ll be evaluating the strength and structure of your primary plot, as well as how the sub plots blend together to create the story as a whole.
Content Editing is typically performed before Copy Editing. If you are interested in both services, please note that in your contact form in the comment section.
Current turnaround time is 12 hours per every 1,000 words.

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Copy Editing

Copy Editing is the in-depth grammar evaluation. During Copy Editing, I will be checking your manuscript for things like spelling, punctuation, capitalization, verb tenses and other grammatical errors. It also involves checking for continuity, sentence structure, appropriate paragraph lengths, strong word choices, missed words, etc.
Current turnaround time is 12 hours per every 1,000 words.

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Web Copy Creation

Web Copy Creation essentially means that I will write the words that will appear on your website. This could be your home page, a services page, an about page, or a specific product page. For more information about this service, fill out the contact form above, and include what type of information and style you are looking for.

Branding Consultation

Your brand is your identity. Think about the big-name brands that people know and trust: Target, Nike, Apple, Microsoft. You probably got an image of their logo, or a recent advertisement, right? That’s their brand. As an entrepreneur, building your brand is key to successful marketing, and I can help you with that. Fill out the form above for more information about a personalized brand consultation call, or for more in-depth brand management services.