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Kreynoldswrites_2_ebook.jpgKingdom of Shadows is the second installment of The Echarian Chronicles, a Fantasy/Romance series about a young woman on a quest to fulfil her destiny.
After discovering the truth about her family in Echaria Rising, Adelaide abandoned her life and travelled across the Kingdom of Echaria to the dangerous Tangled Marshwood, accompanied by her dearest friend Cambria and her love interest, Charles. There, they found the Sorceress Wynne, who is the key to unlocking Adelaide’s destiny.

Now, in the heart of the jungle, the trio must learn the key to facing the evil that sits on the throne, and the darkness that threatens to swallow the kingdom whole. No one is safe from the ever-growing shadows, and the truth will come to light, though it may be a painful awakening.

Join your favorite companions as they come face to face with true love, heart-wrenching loss, and bone-chilling terror.

Kingdom of Shadows is estimated to be released in the fall of 2019.



City of Cards
is the first installment of The Bex Forrester Mysteries, a crime/thriller series about a young journalist on a quest for truth and justice.

Bex Forrester is the newest reporter on the crime beat at The Central Times, and she’s anxious to make a good impression. With a quick wit and a firm grasp on investigative journalism, Bex has the tools she needs to be a breakout star at the paper. Dating a cop gives her an advantage when it comes to getting the inside scoop on the juiciest cases. Life is good.
When a serial killer comes to town, Bex has to decide whether to report the truth, or protect her sources and the people she loves.
The Card Killer has a message for the city, and he wants Bex to deliver it. Will she play into his hands, or will she find her own Ace in the Hole?

City of Cards is estimated to be released in late 2019.