Anthologies & Short Stories

Elemental is a poetry collection in six parts: earth, air, fire, water, space, and soul. This collection walks you through the life and thoughts of K. M. Reynolds, and gives the reader an inside look at the corners of her heart. Each chapter explores the range of human experience and emotion, from first love to the death of a loved one, to mental health struggles and the never-ending journey of personal growth. 

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don’t grow so fast little one
savor each and every day as it passes
be like the moon
steadily moving through it’s time
from dark to full and back again
there is no rhythm in steps missed
so savor the journey
you may go through phases
but like the moon
remember that you are always whole
– moon child

Moon Child is a poetry collection in four parts: waxing, full, waning, and new. This collection focuses on the phases of life, from struggles and heartache to triumph and love. It is a tribute to personal growth and feeling whole in your own skin, and serves as a reminder that even when parts of us lie in shadow, we are still beautiful and completely whole.


Torn in Two is a poetry collection that depicts life and parenthood through the eyes of an adoptee. It is a deeply personal journey broken into six parts: childhood, parenthood, seeking, finding, acceptance, and rejection. The poems center on the author’s personal life experiences and her journey discovering her biological roots. 

there’s nothing quite like the 
feeling of loyalty to the family 
who raised you and loves you and 
the yearning to find those that made you. 

-it’s like being torn in two