Anthologies & Short Stories

elemental mock-upElemental is a poetry collection in six parts: earth, air, fire, water, space, and soul. This collection walks you through the life and thoughts of K. M. Reynolds, and gives the reader an inside look at the corners of her heart. Each chapter explores the range of human experience and emotion, from first love to the death of a loved one, to mental health struggles and the never-ending journey of personal growth.

feet rooted deep in the rich soil of my past
that i may flourish and grow wild and strong
tears that speak my deepest truth louder
than a thousand roaring waterfalls
heart burning with a passion hotter than the
fires that once forged this world
mind swirling and dancing with all the
glittering vastness of space and time
lungs filling again and again with air
as a triumphant reminder that i am alive

– i am elemental

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Torn in Two is a poetry collection that depicts life and parenthood through the eyes of an adoptee. It is a deeply personal journey broken into six parts: childhood, parenthood, seeking, finding, acceptance, and rejection. The poems center on the author’s personal life experiences and her journey discovering her dna roots.

there’s nothing quite like the
feeling of loyalty to the family
who raised you and loves you and
the yearning to find those that made you.

-it’s like being torn in two

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ACOW The Twelfth Maid (1)

A Contract of Words is an anthology put out by Scout Media, and features stories that revolve around a contract, and the consequences of breaking them. The Twelfth Maid was chosen as one of the pieces to be included in this anthology. Mary, a maid for hire, secures a job at  a lavish estate owned by an eccentric billionaire. Come take a peek behind the closed doors of the Hammond House, and see what has Mary’s apron in a twist.

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STORM is the latest anthology released by Clarendon Press and the Inner Circle Writer’s Group. It contains 14 stories, all High Fantasy in genre, each featuring what Tolkien called a Eucatastrophe–when things seem so utterly bleak that destruction is inevitable… when suddenly, miraculously, the tides turn for the better.
My short story, The Comet, was chosen to be featured in this anthology. It follows a young man, Trebor, as he faces the end of his beloved home, Enilorac. When the end of days comes, will the Magicians of Enilorac have the strength needed to survive?

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CADENCE is 2018’s poetry anthology, released by Clarendon House and the Inner Circle Writer’s Group. My poem, The Astronaut, is included along with pieces from 69 other authors. It is a piece reflecting on childhood dreams and the beauty I discovered in having my own children.
If you love poetry, this is an anthology you won’t want to pass up. A whole range of work is here, from the almost incomprehensible but energetic, to the light-hearted and the profound, to the serene and transcendent. You’ll find poets who are raw in their talent, and others who are well-practised; you’ll discover things that you never dreamed of and have thoughts you could never quite put into words appearing on the page before you. Enjoy the magic.

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